AISINDO Seminar: “Getting Ready for AEC 2015 : IT, Business and Cyber Law”

photo1Starting in December 2015, Indonesian has to face AEC (ASEAN Economic Community), an era there will be a single market in South-east Asia countries. AEC will not only inevitably have Indonesia fully integrated into the global economy, it will also cause a major impact on the countries in South East Asia depending on the readiness of each country.

Considering this, AISINDO (Association for Information Systems – Indonesia chapter) on the 27th June 2014, organized a seminar themed “Getting Ready for AEC 2015: IT, Business and Cyber Law”, a seminar presenting information and discussion on how AEC will impact IT, business, and cyber law in ASEAN countries and what Indonesian should prepare for it. Presenting Mr. David Peter (a Malaysian senior Lawyer) and Mr. Lucky Esa, MBA (a Knowledge Management Consultant) as the keynote speakers, this seminar was held at the library hall of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya and attended by participants from various cities and groups in Indonesia ranging from educators to business people.

Starting the discussion, Mr. David explained the history and the motivations for AEC, and its similarity with the European Union. Further, he suggested some criticisms and visible achievements of AEC. From the law aspect, David recommended Indonesian government focusing on e-commerce, particularly on electronic transaction laws. ASEAN countries’ governments should work together to remove non-tariff barriers and to standardize trade regulations.

On the second session, Mr. Lucky Esa, exchanged the thought about how important Knowledge Management utilized in AEC. He suggested that information is the key for winning the region competition. As a company’s information can be spread across the countries easily, He explained how a company’s knowledge should be explored and managed as a competitive advantage.

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